On June 2-6th Days of Actions happened in 5 countries of the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia region. Days of Action was a series of events aimed at drawing city residents’ attention to climate change issues, as well as at showcasing practical solutions that can be implemented today.

Kutaisi, Georgia


Eco Forum 2017 was the first event held in Kutaisi on June 2nd. The event coincided with the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, which made the meeting and discussion even more urgent.

The agenda of the forum was fairly intense. Campaigner of 350.org in EECCA Svetlana Romanko talked about the work of the movement and shared the examples of fighting climate change in the cities. Khvicha Vashakmadze, an activist from Kutaisi, listed all the problems of the city, from transport to a dying oak grove. Katevan Tskhakaya, the chairman of the Spectrum organization, shared her projects on the establishment of solar batteries and on positive examples of waste recycling. Paata Kldiashvili talked about the agreement of the Mayors of cities and commitments taken by the city of Kutaisi.

As a result of the form in Kutaisi it became clear that there are many climate related issues in the city, however the public is ready to commit to take actions.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


In St. Petersburg, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, despite the wintery weather, a climate picnic took place. Participants, local residents, campaign activists, as well as representatives of the two city municipalities, gathered to reclaim the beach and turn it into a public space. Masterclasses on the study of public spaces and planning solutions for the territory, climate solutions for St. Petersburg, as well as beach yoga classes were held. Within the framework of the working part of the picnic, the participants discussed the draft of the People’s Climate Strategy for St. Petersburg, created by campaign activists and proposed a number of additions to the text.

The day ended with the public signing of the People’s Strategy and the promise to continue working together and do everything possible to turn St. Petersburg and its environs into a “city for life” – comfortable and resilient to climate change.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

In the E.Z. Gareev Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan, the youth movement MoveGreen also held a Day of Action with the slogan “from words to actions”. Employees of local territorial administrations, climate organizations and active young Bishkek residents today dug and cleaned the canals on a total area of 2 hectares.

Now, in these areas, the water will be available for plants and trees. The Botanical Garden named after E.Z. Gareev has already become a treasure trove of plants for the city of Bishkek. But there is still a lot of work to improve and maintain this green zone, which is currently a favorite place for city residents to spend time outdoors.

Mogilev, Belarus

In Mogilev, the environmentalists discussed the general layout of the city and saw shortcomings in the description of storm sewer schemes and the green framework of the city. “We need to become professional citizens,” said Polina Vardevanyan, expert of the international non-governmental organization Ecoproject, when discussing the recently adopted master plan of Mogilev.

The public examination of the general city plan of Mogilev is one of the first experiments of this kind in Belarus. According to public activists, it is necessary to achieve greater influence on the decisions that are made in the sphere of ecology and urban planning.

“From our actions or our inaction depends the quality of the air we breathe and of the water we drink. We need to interact with decision-makers at the stage of discussion. This is not politics or ideology, it’s people who are getting into the arrangement of their homes “, public activist Leonid Platonenko said in his speech at the Day of Climate Action.

Kyiv, Ukraine


In Kyiv, about 120 city residents jointly revitalized the pop-up park with green solutions and technologies. Amongst them – a solar power station, bicycle parking, containers for separate collection of waste, a cured tree, a city garden, garland decorations from old clothes, a charity sale.

“Climate activists often talk about green solutions, their importance and the need for implementation.” On June 3, we demonstrated in practice how they work, and this is also a successful example of cooperation between the public, the local administration, business and government institutions, for example, on the roof of a sanitary-epidemiological Service autonomous solar power plant, which received funding from the international organization 350.org, the technical part was closed by the business, and the organizational part – by the WGA. And the energy of the team. “Unite and act!” – Valentyn Nyzkovolosov, campaign coordinator



In addition to Kyiv, the days of Action happened in 10 other cities in Ukraine

  • In Ivano-Frankivsk it  was the ecoquest and the discussion on adapting the city to climate change. The event gathered local citizens, politicians and business.
  • In Mykolaiv a city picnic was held under the slogan “Change Yourself, Not the Climate”. More than 75 people took part in the workshops, games and the educational part of the event.
  • In Khmelnytsky there were debates, lectures on climate change, and an evening movie screening on the rooftop, which brought together active locals from the entire city.
  • In Poltava, the activists created an art installation Greenhouse, where every resident could feel the climate change. There was also organised a lecture on how the city’s residents can make an impact. In the evening, a movie screening was held, on the solar energy.
  • In Vinnitsa there was an eco-picnic for residents of different ages with games, souvenirs and master classes.
  • In Lutsk there was an educational cycling ecoquest, during which the participants learned facts about the climate change issue and the consequences for their city.
  • In Rivne the villagers planted about 40 trees together with the city police.
  • The cycling, picnic and round table were also held in Slavske.
  • In Odessa on Cathedral Square one could visit the art gallery and take part in a quiz
  • in  Lviv there was a workshop on adapting the city to climate change.

More photos from our events:

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Official website: https://cityforlife.org/